Close your eyes and think about the house of your dreams … ready?
Lot overlooking Manzanillo bay and open sea, high enough above sea level to enjoy an excellent views, but also bordering with the ocean where there is a beach “made by mother nature”, lot large enough to conserve green natural vegetation.
The home? As you dream it, the project is only limited by your imagination…
You wake up watching a spectacular sunrise with your cup of coffee, later relax in your infinite pool watching the sea with your loved ones and enjoying your favorite drinks. Now it’s time to go down to your beach, yes, to your own beach on a rustic funicular. If all of the above was not enough, your property is within the best development of Manzanillo and probably the best in the Pacific Ocean, La Punta, with underground wiring, all services, gated community, 24 hour security, private tennis courts, Beach, green areas, etc.

How to make your dream come true?
Call only 314 3342000


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