* Technology is GOLD

The way people are informed and communicated has changed dramatically in recent years. Today there are about 29 million landlines, while there are more cell phones than people in the world.

The use of cell phones is 4 to 5 hours per day on average. The camera in the cell phone is the invention that has grown faster in the history of electronic media.
Therefore, real estate has also evolved to adapt to this unstoppable technology. Nowadays, it is indispensable to have platforms according to the current technological world that allow us to work at a faster pace and with much more efficiency.

MxMLS is a new real estate platform that unites the 3 most important real estate brands in the world such as Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and Remax.

By sharing the exclusive listings of these 3 brands, the first Multilisting Real Estate platform is created in Mexico, with the purpose of giving greater exposure to real estate and achieving sales in a shorter time and at a better price.
By pressing a few keys, in minutes you will have access to the properties of more than 2000 consultants from 140 offices.

In Mexico, the demand for real estate is currently 700,000 units per year and only 350,000 sales are made. With MxMLS it is estimated that the number of sales will increase.

The economic situation has its challenges, but it not to be frightened (TRUMP Effect) since in the past we had witnessed proposals by candidates and then, when they reach the power, they CAN NOT FULFILL. Most American society knows that Mexico is an ally; you just have to be vigilant to changes in interest rates, since an increase in these could have consequences in obtaining a favorable and comfortable credit to pay. This is the only thing that could affect the sector.


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