Author’s Kitchen

The culinary world is as broad and old as humanity itself, it has also been involved in evolutionary situations due to mestizos, conquests and the creation of new technologies. It would be very difficult to identify 100% native cuisines, excluding intercultural links of some kind.

The current gastronomy is the reflection of these cultural exchanges.

Today, the concept of “author’s kitchen” arises; the author’s cuisine results in a new style of miscegenation and culinary innovation, is a way in which the chef seeks to present himself with his guests, to express who is , where does it come from or how do you like to be recognized. Another of the virtues of this cooking style is that it is promising and seeks to highlight ingredients rooted in the region and culinary tradition where the chef is original.

The recommendation would be to go to places where it is possible to try these kitchens, to leave aside the classic and trite concepts of specialty restaurants and turn to see the new proposals that involve the vanguard and tradition. In Manzanillo we are working on this, the new restaurants with emerging chefs, are working with the passion necessary to position their art in the taste of their customers.

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