Manzanillo’s History

Facts, information and history of Manzanillo, and their around, narrated by the most important historian in port.

The Manzanillo Markets

Tourism Manzanillo History

By Horacio Archundia Manzanillo was founded on the current site in 1825. The first constructions were built in what is now the Neighborhood of La Perlita from April of that year. On 21 October of the same year the Congress […]

Las Hadas Hotel

Hoteles Manzanillo Las Hadas Hotels in Manzanillo

Manzanillo´s International Icon Magical and magnificent place conceived in a superior dimension of light. Located on the Pacific coast of Colima, this spectacular place was first discovered and envisioned by Antenor Patiño, a Bolivian millionaire, known as the “King of […]