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Huracanes of Manzanillo

Coldwell Banker and Basketball is teamwork, intelligence, achievement and winning spirit. Values with which the company Coldwell Banker feels fully identified, and for that reason they support and sponsor the children and youth basketball club Huracanes of Manzanillo.

In Coldwell Banker we materialize our commitment to basketball and the values it transmits, as well as to its followers, who find in this sport the necessary energy to overcome the obstacles that are presented to them in life.
Basketball in Manzanillo has become a base to support younger fans, as is evidenced by our participation in youth and children’s tournaments as well as the competitions that have taken place in other venues outside the entity such as Aguascalientes, Puerto Vallarta and Ciudad Guzmán, or those that have been held within the State such as the Búhos Cup and of Escuelas Unidas de Baloncesto and of Escuelas Unidas.


The coaches of the club, Irvin Olave Delgadillo and Andrés Olave Farías, work with children from 8 to 17 years of age, on the field of the sports unit “5 de Mayo” from Monday to Friday, from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. hours, where in addition to the sport discipline is taught teamwork, love and respect for others, as well as the importance of work to achieve the success.

Coldwell Banker shares the same values of this great sport such as:

Sense of belonging
Respect for the other
Team work
Mutual collaboration for the achievement of a common goal
Friendship ties and companionship

It is then made explicit that its importance is not only about physical benefits, but also psychic ones.
Finally, to conclude, we can say that it is one of the most important sports today, punctually ranked in the United States with the famous league of the NBA, whether played professionally or not, is one of the main tools for stress relief, weight control, respiratory or aerobic capacity, and physical and mental well-being in general.


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I was born in Mexico City and all my professional life I have been working in sales. On 1977, when Grupo Alfa from Monterrey built the firs touristic development in Manzanillo (Hotel las Hadas, Puerto Las Hadas, Villas del Palmar, Maeva, La Punta, etc.) I was invited to participate in it and from that moment on I have been working in Real Estate in Manzanillo. Eight years ago I decided to buy the franchise and be part of the great Coldwell Banker family. Although Manzanillo is a small city, our office has been always on the ?Top 10 Producers?. I´m Founding partner of Mexican Real Estate Association (AMPI) in Manzanillo, President for two years, and member of the Board of Directors in National AMPI and currently Secretary, as well as representative of Real Estate companies in the CCE (Business Coordinating Council) in Manzanillo. Restless by nature, I have participated in different sport association, politics, and of course, because of my work, in condominium associations, and one of the thing I like the best of real estate is all the friend I have made.


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