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Hello Hello hello:

How are you? I imagine that as well as I am, with many expectations to close the year and ready for 2019. Many changes in my beloved country have taken place; On July 1st, there were elections and the citizens voted for a total change in the way of seeing and doing Government, we will have for the next 6 years as president, Mr. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and not only at the presidential level, the presence of the MORENA party will be felt, both in the national congress and in the state and municipal congresses and in what is our concern, MANZANILLO, we will also have as municipal president Accountant Griselda Martinez, also from MORENA, who has already started her administration last October 15th. We wish her success because the welfare of all of us depends on the success of it.

Personally I am very happy since I have known her for a long time and I know how hard working, fighter (some fights have been carried out by both of us) and how honest she is.

And now to go on, each one of us in the field we chose, to me in real estate, which continues to grow at the same pace as the Port does. We have to achieve harmony between the port and the city together, by doing so, we all win.

We on our part have made a great effort to improve our offices, starting with the move to a new place, more spacious and comfortable, to give a better service to our customers and friends.

Manzanillo is already in the eyes of the world, we have sporting, social, cultural and political events, some of us will comment on the pages of this edition of “VAMOS.

Happy holidays and a great 2019

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I was born in Mexico City and all my professional life I have been working in sales. On 1977, when Grupo Alfa from Monterrey built the firs touristic development in Manzanillo (Hotel las Hadas, Puerto Las Hadas, Villas del Palmar, Maeva, La Punta, etc.) I was invited to participate in it and from that moment on I have been working in Real Estate in Manzanillo. Eight years ago I decided to buy the franchise and be part of the great Coldwell Banker family. Although Manzanillo is a small city, our office has been always on the ?Top 10 Producers?. I´m Founding partner of Mexican Real Estate Association (AMPI) in Manzanillo, President for two years, and member of the Board of Directors in National AMPI and currently Secretary, as well as representative of Real Estate companies in the CCE (Business Coordinating Council) in Manzanillo. Restless by nature, I have participated in different sport association, politics, and of course, because of my work, in condominium associations, and one of the thing I like the best of real estate is all the friend I have made.


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