Japanese community in Manzanillo

Japanese community in Manzanillo

Mr. Guillermo Adachi Naitoh

By Horacio Archundia Municipal Chronist of Manzanillo

Throughout the history of Manzanillo, hundreds of foreigners have settled in the port: German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American, anyway. Many of them have contributed to port development. They are recognized for their intervention so that Manzanillo would obtain improvements. Some have been left in Manzanillo’s memory, but very few enjoy respect and esteem even after the deaths. One of them is Don Guillermo Adachi Naitoh.

He came to Manzanillo on December 15, 1940, on the ship Asama Maru, having sailed from the port of Yokohama to vacation and visit his uncle Hachiro Naitoh, based in Manzanillo several years before. While in port, war effervescence broke out in Mexico against the so-called Axis powers, including his homeland, Japan, so he was unable to return to his nation. Don Guillermo Adachi, a native of Hyogo Ken, Japan, was born on June 25, 1922, in the marriage of Mr. Kotaro Adachi and Hamme Naitoh.

Antagonized our country with the powers of the axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo, due to the sinking executed against a Mexican oil tanker, the Potrero del Llano, by German submarines, all German, Italian and Japanese citizens based in the country, were concentrated in the big cities, such as Guadalajara and Mexico. In this way, Guillermo Adachi was recruited to Guadalajara, where he had to remain until the end of hostilities.

At the end of World War II, in 1945, he returned to Manzanillo with his uncle Hachiro Naitoh, working in a partnership store that he owned first called “La Bola de Oro” and then “Ferretería del Pacífico” and which would be transformed in 1980 into the public limited company “Ferretería Adachi”, always located on the same site on Calle México.

Since 1945, Guillermo Adachi distinguished himself in Manzanillo not only for his wealthy love of work, in which he worked for long hours always attending with diligence and kindness to customers, he is also remembered for his sociable, friendly, cheerful and cordial spirit.

Precisely his dynamism, he garnered many sympathies among the Manzanillo’s society. He has always been invited to participate in clubs and organizations, having excelled as a member of the Lions Club, the Chamber of Commerce, Manzanillo Shooting Club, and as a discreet and anonymous contributor to civil and charitable associations.

Perhaps no one forgets that Mr. Adachi was one of the pioneers of organizing the sailing fish fishing tournaments, having participated as an organizer for many years, and also obtained the honorable first place on more than one occasion. He was a born athlete, and there are those who recall his interventions in the gun shooting tournaments, in which got several first places that were contested with another unforgettable Manzanillense like Don Jesús Navarro, owner of the disappeared and famous bar “Los Equípales”

Mr. Adachi was always identified as an honest, enterprising, intelligent, good-hearted person. At all times he supported those who needed him, often without anyone asking. He was usually perceptive in others’ problems and was involved in helping people with absolute disinterest. Many mention it among the people who held their hands the most to the victims of the tragic Cyclone Linda of October 27, 1959, in which hundreds of people lost their lives. At that time, Don Guillermo Adachi participated in the rescue and assistance groups, collecting wounded and handing out water to the victims. For this noble and generous work, the City of Manzanillo gave him at that time a diploma of recognition to his work, which his descendants retain.

For many years he financially supported local elders. Thus, the last years of his life belonged in an honorary way to the municipal group of older adults, whose local coordination made him an honorary member for life.

A good man, Mr. Adachi also formed an honorable family in the town. On December 28, 1951, he married Miss Rosa Koyama Ross, with whom he fathered three children: Rosa María, Guillermo, and Luis Fernando, who have distinguished the property by their entrepreneurial vision and personal qualities. His sons recount that forever, Mr. Adachi told them that he wished to die without disturbing anyone, quickly and quietly. And in that way, he left his life on September 28, 1997, when he died of a heart attack. In Manzanillo, its name remains synonymous with bonhomie and laboriousness.

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