La PuntaThe best kept secret of the Pacific Coast

La Punta, Manzanillo

I remember a few years ago I did some advertising for the sale of houses at La Punta, precisely with the same title. Today 5 years later, I do it again more convinced than ever, La Punta, is an international category development. If we consider its geomorphology (location and forms), its underground infrastructure, its green areas, tennis courts, beach club and of course climate to enjoy all year round,

La Punta becomes a unique place in the world. To this, we add that their maintenance fees are very accessible, even much cheaper than what people think, so all these make of La Punta the ideal place.

La Punta has changed: it was originally conceived as an ideal place for vacations and many foreign friends, bought in La Punta their “vacation” home or their second home as many of them call it. Also the national owners had it as their vacation home. I dare to say that the percentage of holiday owners versus residents was 90% against 10%. Today this has changed and La Punta in addition to maintaining itself as the favorite place to vacation, has become the ideal place to live. Many businessmen of Manzanillo now live in La Punta, an oasis of tranquility and it is very nice to see that this exquisite place is also enjoyed by the manzanillians.

The properties in La Punta were sold at the rate of one or two per year or even it may pass more than a year without sales. In the last 18 months we have sold 7 houses, not to mention lots, and what I like the most is that 5 of the 7 are nationals who chose La Punta as their residence and the other 2, Americans who continue to rely in Manzanillo to invest.

The time is now, know La Punta and come to live here, do not let anyone tell you about it. Enjoy it all year round.


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