Lost treasure in Manzanillo

Lost treasure in Manzanillo

Playa de Oro (Golden Beach) A lost treasure

Located in the vicinity of Manzanillo International Airport is a beach of strong swell and not suitable for swimming, except in some spaces near the rock formations that are along its coasts.

Lost treasure in Manzanillo
Lost treasure in Manzanillo

This beach is named as the American ship Golden Gate which in 1862 after it caught fire ended up sinking 3 miles from the coast with a valuable shipment of gold exceeding the one million 500 thousand Us dollars that were bound by the port of Panama for the payroll payment of the workers who carried out the construction of the canal.

In addition to its shipment of gold, the Golden Gate was carrying 213 people who enjoyed the food when at 4:45 a fire began in the stern pit, which spread quickly, and within an hour the ship was on fire and its sinking began. Of the 213 passengers survived only 134 who on board the lifeboats and some clutched by the wreckage of the vessel were able, after 20 hours, to reach the Chamomile that at that time was known to the port of Manzanillo. Among the survivors were Ben Holladay New York merchant who was traveling with one of his associates and the Italian sculptor based in San Francisco J. Enba, it is said that the bodies of those who could not be saved from the Golden Gate catastrophe continued to appear on the beach until a year after their sinking.

Lost treasure in Manzanillo

This event naming the beach and the current Manzanillo International Airport, has generated countless stories of those who have eventually found among the sands of the beach and after the passage of a storm, some of the gold coins that the ship was transporting, have also been carried out underwater raids by local and foreign divers to locate the valuable cargo without many results, at least not known, so the treasure continues to spread all over the coast of Playa de Oro as it is in front of an area of high swell and strong marine current.

Playa de Oro is one of the beaches that Manzanillo has and although it is not suitable for swimming or water sports its wide beaches offer wonderful sunset and a place to rest and sunbathe.

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