Manzanillo is called to be the ideal place for big events of international size: social, cultural and sportive. That is why, for more than 63 years, the International Fishing Tournament has been held here, and it has given Manzanillo the title of the “World Sailfish Capital”. In the same way, there have been International Tennis, Volleyball Tournaments, as well as competitions such as Triathlons and Half Marathon.

That is why Manzanillo at the sight of promoters of international competitions and events and an example of this was the Champ Boat Series 2016 Formula One, which took place in December 2nd to 4th 2016 and promises to stay for at least 5 more years, due to the great success this race had, with a spectacular scenario and thousands of spectators.

With the participation of 11 teams from several countries the first Champ Boat Series 2016 Formula One boat took place, and was held for the first time in Mexico, and for the next 5 years Manzanillo will host this race.

Tracy Hawkins, of the Tri-County Marine team, won first place in the F1 Champ Boat Series Manzanillo 2016; the second position was to the American Chris Fairchild of the Mercury / Sport Marine team, while in third place was the Canadian Rusty Wyatt of Team Canada Racing.
The award ceremony was held at Alvaro Obregón square in front of the Pez Vela monumental statue as a stage, before thousands of spectators, so it is sure that this competition will consolidate and bring tourism to this important destination of the state of Colima, at the beginning of the month of December of every year.

This demonstrates that Manzanillo is the place, clearly indicated, for big international events, as it was this Formula 1 Champ Boat Manzanillo 2016. According with the organizers, the competition, which took place at the facilities of the Cruise Pier, received more than 18 thousand attendees, among fans from the state, as well as nearby entities such as Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Guanajuato, among others.

“It’s a groundbreaking event that marks history for Mexico and for Manzanillo,” said former Formula 1 driver and sports commentator Jorge Javier Koechlin Von Stein and Pro Naútica executive and president of the Champ Champion Series for Mexico, Ernesto Rodríguez Godínez.

The event was an wonderful party and will be a very important window for the promotion of Manzanillo as a tourist destination, both nationally and internationally.


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