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What is Domotica?


It’s all the rage these days. Smart homes. Connected houses. Smart devices. But is it really something new? Most people don’t have a clue what it even means. So let’s dive into the wonderful world of smart – or connected – homes!

So what are smart homes?
They’re not easy to define because everyone has a different explanation. We think smart homes are all about home automating: the use of electronics and home networks for the automation of processes in and around the home.
Imagine living in a house where all kinds of consumer electronics are connected to each other through WiFi, Bluetooth and other data networks. You can control them in any place and at any time using your smartphone, PC, tablet or other device. For example: you can log in from a distance to your security system, turn on the washing-machine, monitor the energy usage or close the curtains. In a more advanced smart home, your devices can manage themselves.

Isn’t this only for the happy few?
For a long time, it was. For decades, home automation (we don’t mean your TV remote control) could only be found in conceptual ‘homes of the future’. Around the world multiple homes of the future have been built, such as the ‘Monsanto House of the Future‘ in Disneyland, California and the ‘House of the Future‘ in Rosmalen, the Netherlands. These projects showed off the most modern technological innovations of that time, such as solar cells and voice recognition. Nowadays most of those innovations are pretty standard.
These days, thanks to many affordable smart products being introduced and free apps like Olisto, the intelligent communicating home becomes within reach for common people.

What’s the difference between smart homes and domotica?
There’s no difference really. Domotica is just the way smart or connected homes used to be called.
‘Domotica’ is a contraction of ‘domus’ (the Latin word for ‘home’) and the words ‘telematics’, ‘informatics’ and ‘robotics’. Wikipedia defines domotics as “the integration of technology and services for the benefit of a better quality of living and life”, referring not only to technology inside the home but also to outside services toward the house.


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