A Space of Culture in Manzanillo

Talking about culture in Manzanillo is talking about Fine Arts of the Pacific, which for eight years has made possible the promotion and dissemination of quality cultural events. It arises from the need to open spaces linked to art and culture facing of the growing development of Manzanillo in several areas, currently considered the most important port in the country.

Bellas Artes del Pacífico is a Civil Association made up of professionals from different areas, with the objective of promoting cultural activities in the Municipality of Manzanillo and the Coast of Careyes.

In 2008 the first concerts began. Special interest was promoting young talents graduated from the School of Music of the University of Colima. Because the good response from the public, it was decided to give an international focus. Philharmonic orchestras from various states of the republic, musicians, pianists, tenors, choirs, operas and ballets, all of national and international prestige and quality, have been an event without precedent in our city.

The first concerts were held in the winter season to take advantage of the visit of Canadian and American tourists. Their presence was greater than that of the local public.

Today the people of Manzanillo attend and make our events a great success.

Having national and international quality events in our community is now a reality thanks to the invaluable support and generosity of our sponsors, among them

Presently we are filled with pride and satisfaction to have consolidated the main goal for which Fine Arts of the Pacific was created: to present prestigious and international quality shows.

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