Manzanillo Tourist Information Sabor Veracruzano

Veracruz is located in the eastern part of the Mexican republic and borders the Gulf of Mexico, states, such as Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Hidalgo, Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Tabasco.

Its gastronomy has African, Antillean and Cuban influences, achieving with them, dishes of culinary excellence that combine the sweet with the salty and without missing the spicy of the traditional mexican chile.

For the inhabitants of the port of Veracruz, it is traditional to have breakfast at Café La Parroquia where, since 1808, the traditional Café Lechero was served, which was prepared at the table of the clients, becoming a ritual when serving the milk in a glass that previously has 1/4 of coffee, the waiter shows off his good pulse and strength as the teapot is removed from the glass so that the coffee mixes and foams filling the moment with aromas.

It is common that to accompany the traditional Café Lechero is also ordered a delicious Gordita Motuleña, this is prepared with a handmade tortilla which rises by the edge to form a sope so that it will be filled, without overflowing, fried black beans, sauces, pork chicharron, roasted meat or simply cheese, and you will decide which one to sink the tooth .

Well, to finish, what do you think of a delicious pie of picadillo or cheese, this is a variant in which these ingredients are embraced by a raw corn tortilla and dippen in hot oil so that both the dough and the filling finish cooking and then served with cream cheese and some lettuce.

In Manzanillo, despite its remoteness with the State of Veracruz, we can find an excellent sample of the Veracruzan food, with the original flavor and the own atmosphere of the Jarocha Land that is the way to name the inhabitants of the Port, El Veracruzano submits us with its aromas and flavors to one of the most emblematic restaurants of La Parroquia port, of which the chef Teresa Manzo keeps a pleasant memory, since there she began her taste for traditional cuisine and that now she can taste it with all her collections here in Manzanillo with excellent service and very good prices, accessible to any pocket.

If you are in Manzanillo do not miss visiting them and get to know a little of the extensive and delicious Veracruz cuisine.


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